Sunday, 26 July 2015


When it comes to looking fresh and tidy, there's no room for error in personal hygiene. Especially having black hair myself can be an instant giveaway. I love to experiment with different styles and change my look, but I don't think I could pull off any style, that-alone walk out the door with confidence if I had a bad hair day with dandruff. 

As a half-filipino, being fortunate enough to be born with dark, thick hair has many compliments on it's own, but with that being said, I've found over time it's an obligation to maintain thick hair with a good shampoo to prevent dandruff caused by wax and gel buildup. Like most of us guys, we love to groom our hair to our particular liking so with that being said, it's always nice to go with a reliable and easy to find dandruff-proof product like Clear Sport Menthol where you'll have no worries looking fresh and tidy. 

These are some 4 easy-to-fix hairstyles that can be formed in less than just 5 minutes if your someone like me who tends to rush out the door fast. I'm just using the Tony & Guy Foaming Spray Gel to fix my hair and it does the job whether it'd be going to see my friends, to my football match or a more so formal occasion.

Since I was wearing an open-button plaid shirt, I was going for the more effortless look where I can simply just play around my hair with any sort of style and simply fix my hair without a comb. Don't forget shampoo the hair after a long day, especially after applying products and you'll already be on your way to preventing dandruff build-up. Take Care!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

GUAM 2015 DAY 1

An adventure to remember, that will last till December. I've never been able to experience so much on trip. 

I've heard many stories but never been able to share an experience or see before my eyes the Micronesian shores of Guam. Over the duration of 4 day, we indulged on the finer things in life ~ chill by the beach, eat amazing food, learn about the past and foresee new materials that aren't available back home. It was a new and exciting experience.

Camie Juan, Reesey Peasy (Reese Lansangan) and Fritz Cruz were my traveling companions who turned this trip from something ordinary to extra-ordinary with their energetic and willful drive, making the most of every minute. Even I, myself couldn't keep up with the girls haha. We just met that following evening prior to jet-setting and getting to know each other within a short span of time was entertaining for all of us.

Here's where most of the recovery time was spent. Grateful we were, we were booked in the Pacific Star Hotel. Everything thing was accommodated for and our lucky stars granted us with ocean front views. Since we flew late the night before, we ended up arriving quite early in the wee hours of the morning where there was no minute of further delay than to jump straight in to that deep and inviting double size bed and get lost in my sleep. Not even this picture did justice haha.

Here's where everything down-hill, (joking haha), I mean down-into my belly. We got to experience the most amazing and indulging food, in-style (American style ~ large) eating everything available, everywhere we visited. It's moments like now when I look back and wonder if Fritz our awesome navigator ever gained a few after doing multiple trips with different groups haha because I certainly did!

The weather wasn't in our favor but I'll accept rain and gloom over sun and humidity any day of the week. It was whole different experience/perspective as opposed to that colorful, brochure'd weather advertised any day. We got to experience real Micronesian weather - as a matter of fact, we ended up arriving only days after an unexpected typhoon had it. 

Everywhere was silent, an eerie ghost town feel in some areas making everything even more enjoyable after coming from heavy traffic.

Here's where our first day experience finally ended, Two Lovers Point.  

The story of the two lovers who tied their hair together and leapt to their death on Guam. First recorded by French researcher Louis Claude de Freycinet in 1819, the story tells of two Chamorros who loved each other but their love was unacceptable because he was a high caste man (matao) and she a lower caste woman (manachang). Mataos were strictly forbidden from allying themselves with those from the lower caste.

A certain matao of the village of Gnaton fell in love with a young and prettymanachang girl and fled with her. He found no asylum among another native group, however, as he refused to part with her.

Pursued by his relatives, the young lovers wandered for some time in the most inaccessible wood and rocky areas; but so precarious and wretched an existence reduced them to despair. Determined to put an end to it, they built a tomb of stones and place in it the infant that was the sad fruit of their love.

Then, lost and distracted, they climbed to the very summit of a high, steep-sided peak beside the sea. Binding themselves together by the hair, and clasping one another, they cast themselves from that peak into the waves below.

The cape was named by the Spanish, Cabo de los Amantes (Lovers’ Cape), now known as Puntan Dos Amantes (Two Lover’s Point). After visiting Guam in 1819 Freycinet used the two lover’s story to emphasize the indelible connection between marriage and the traditional caste system in Chamorro society.
Since then the story has changed to include a Spanish figure. The story is best know as follows:
Once, long ago, during a time when Spain claimed the Mariana Islands, there was a family who lived in Hagåtña, the capital city of Guahan. The father was a wealthy Spanish businessman and the mother, a daughter of a great maga’låhi or Chamorro chief. This family owned much land and were highly respected by Chamorros and Spanish alike.
Their oldest daughter was a beautiful young woman, admired by all for her honesty, modesty, and natural charm. One day, as was Spanish custom, the girl’s father arranged for her to take a powerful Spanish captain as her husband.  When the girl discovered this, she was so distraught that she ran from Hagåtña all the way to the north of Guahan until she found a secluded and peaceful shore.
There, on the moonlit shore, she met and fell in love with a young man from a modest Chamorro family. He was gentle, with a strong build and eyes that searched for meaning in the stars.
She returned home with a promise to see him again.
When the girl’s father learned of the two lovers, he grew angry and demanded that she marry the Spanish captain at once. However, that day at sundown, she stole away to the same high point along the shore, and once again met her Chamorro lover.
Her father, the captain and all the Spanish soldiers pursued the lovers up to the high cliff above Tomhom (Tumon) Bay. The lovers found themselves trapped between the edge of the cliff and the approaching soldiers. All the young man could do was warn them to stay back. The father ordered the soldiers to halt.
The lovers tied their long black hair together into a single knot. Acting as if they were entirely alone, they looked deeply into each other’s eyes and kissed for the final time. Then they leaped over the long, steep cliff into the roaring waters below. Her father and all who remained rushed to the edge and stared in great anguish at the ocean below.
The lovers were gone, never to be seen again.
Today the place where they jumped is known as Puntan dos Amåntes or Two Lover’s Point. Visitors still pay homage there to great love.

Later that night we followed through with more and uncanny excursions venturing into and under the waters of UnderWater World Guam where we enjoyed observing creatures under the Micronesian Sea.

UnderWater World Guam is one of the longest tunnel-aquariums in the world and the only oceanarium in the United States territory of GuamThe aquarium opened in 1999 and has more than 2,000 animals representing more than 80 different species. Many of the animals included in the aquarium are native to Guam and the surrounding Marianas Islands

UnderWater World Guam is managed and partly owned by U.S. Aquarium Team (USAT) and is located in Tumon. The main exhibit is a 319-foot-long (97 m) tunnel under an 800,000-US-gallon (3,000,000 l) salt-water aquarium. The tank has more than 24 sharks, a shovelnose guitarfish, two giant groupers and four stingrays.

Many of the animals at UnderWater World Guam are found in the waters surrounding the 200-square-mile island. The main tank features many large animals, including Grey reef sharkBlacktip reef sharkZebra sharkSpotted eagle ray, and Whiptail stingray

There is also an exhibit featuring five giant Moray eels. The gallery exhibits at UnderWater World Guam are home to animals from around the world, including Chambered NautilusJapanese spider crabCorals, and a unique exhibit featuring fish that change gender. The final portion of the exhibit is a touch pool area where guests can feel live sea stars, fish and sharks.

Friday, 17 July 2015


Hey guys,

I know it's been a while, hope everyone's doing well. I'm sure some of you might have me across my ugly mug (haha) on Youtube around the Philippines with the How to Style and Maintain an Undercut tutorial for All Things Hair. Recently I had the opportunity to work with CLEAR Shampoo using the new Clear Cool Sport Menthol which has been working wonders with anti-dandruff control and other factors such as Climbazole & Zinc that have been keeping dandruff from coming back.

It was really my first time one-on-one, mono e mono (hehe) with the camera where I had the opportunity to show my face on screen and I gotta say it was awesome. Love it. Always wanted to be on screen, in front of a lens or behind the lens and since growing up. I've always been afraid of stage fright too, so it's been one the most successful personal accomplishments for myself. Yay!

Check out some of the Behind the Scenes photos below!

The productions set up was amazing. I couldn't believe how nice the presentation was with the set-design looking something out of someones home (maybe my home if I steal some of the furnishing ideas for myself haha). I gotta say though, it was intimidating to begin with having so many eyes focusing on me with the utmost silence with expectations of perfect delivery. I'll admit I broke a few times, but after gathering my energy back, I was able to complete with ease. 

I always thought it looked easy, but for a first timer, it can be far from it.

Believe it or not, the commercial took us 5 hours to get through. Although I'll admit, I was low on energy to begin with, it was many thanks to the production team, make-up artists & directors over at Visual Light Studio for bringing my energy levels back up.

Special thanks again to everyone who was part of the commercial, production, styling and make up and many thanks to my buddy Sam Turner above for the moral support, couldn't have done it without ya!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015



Another one of my favorite layouts working with H.E. MANGO. Since the first day they officially debuted in Manila, I always had the curiosity of what was in stock. It's nice to try something different every now and then and there's always a nice feel upon entering a MANGO store. MANGO usually release collections/styles that all match and pair together, so you'll never when completing that outfit.

Don't forget to change up your outfit and experiment with new styles!