Sunday, 24 May 2015

Casual With A Formal Style

Outfit: Topman ripped jeans, Authentic Apparel (thrifted) button down shirt, Soul Service PH - Photos by Mark Nicdao

It's nice to have the opportunity to add some color in my personal style here in the Philippines. I believe I wouldn't necessarily experiment with outfits so much back in Australia due to the certain way society works, being able to experiment and have fun with my wardrobe in the Philippines has always been a fun opportunity explore other ways my creativity. I make the best to dress for a 'ready' occasion so that if something comes up last minute on the day (which they do) I'm always ready for something new.

On this day I chose to go with these new boots from Soul Service PH that I received from my friend Aren Pe. I've never casually worn cream colored boots before so this was something new, I was able to find these ripped jeans from Topman PH which were really great for to mix and match with - everything else, well the top was just something I easily found in my wardrobe again to try and compliment the rest of my look.

Please tell me what you think! :)

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Outfit: Timberland baby blue denim jacket, Pull & Bear navy blue button-down shirt, Superdry selvage denim jeans and Boxfresh boots. Photography - Mark Nicdao

Hey guys how's everything going? It's been a roller-coaster week exploring, meeting new people and having a enjoying my time in the Philippines. Manila can be draining sometimes, so if you're going through the same thing day-in and day-out, there's only one thing I can remind you to do - Travel! I haven't been doing it enough lately but when I got back from Baguio last night, I realized I need to get out more and enjoy the scenery to what the Philippines has to offer. I'm sure you guys are already doing it so I can only wish the best for you all and maybe I might see you out and about :)

Todays outfit was inspired by an outfit that I came across on Pinterest that I really liked and thought I'd try wearing for the day. I got this new Timberland jacket that was given to me from a friend of mine and I couldn't help but try and pull-off. Starting with the jacket, I googled ideas and suggestions how and what I could wear it with in order to complete the outfit. I just recently acquired a new button-down shirt from Pull & Bear so I thought why not couple that with the jacket and go from there. When the time comes, navy blue shirt goes with navy blue pants, unless you opt for beige or khaki color. In this case, I went with navy blue pants and finished up with khaki colored boots which I got from Boxfresh. Dope boots and I love how in this last photo the shoelace color of the boots have coincidentally matched with the lining of the inside lining of my Superdry pants. Don't be afraid to mix and match, you might just impress yourself with simple creativity.

Special thanks to mentor and close-friend Mark Nicdao for taking my photo. Always appreciate the help and support! Cheers!

Monday, 20 April 2015


Outfit: Zara Worldwide jacket, thrifted grey tee, Topman PH stretch-skinny jeans, Brixton fedora hat, Oxygen Clothing sunglasses and Zara Worldwide leather shoes

Yet another opportunity to escape the havoc, the other day I finally had the chance to make it to the one and only Baguio City. It's been quite a while since I had been here last and why not take the opportunity to shoot my outfit of the day in this layer-friendly weather haha. Nah I really wanted to go out of my way to shoot this jacket, as it's by far one of my favorite pieces I've owned so far. The maroon color works totally well with the current style I'm into and it just so happened to be rather cool on the day. I'll be honest, it's not a genuine leather jacket but as much as I wish it was genuine leather, unfortunately it's too thick for this tropical climate. 

Lately I've pretty much just been wearing simple clothes. Oversize, street-style, black and a little bit shady looking. A lot of my inspiration has been drawn from a close friend of mine Jake Cuenca. He really know's how to pull of this look and own it and since we're fans of the 1975, it's only complimentary that we dress in pop-culture style. We've never really talked about it but we just do it. 

I really love Baguio City. Aside from being quite far away, I've realized that I'm quite happy to just drive up here on my own and explore when I get the chance. If anyone see's me there next time, feel free to say hi! Stay tuned for my next post!

Friday, 27 March 2015


Outfit: Leopard print shirt by Limitless Philippines, Cheap Monday skinny-jean pants, Topman Philippines laced shoes, Bucket hat by Creative Elite Operations (C.E.O.) and eyewear by Proof Eyewear PH. Photos by Frank Magalona

Hello again guys and hope everyone is doing well. I understand it's been a week since my last post but as I find myself back in the Philippines again, slow and steady will help me win my own race :) For those who didn't know I've been back to Manila for a month and a half now since arriving back from Australia. I was there 4 months ago since my last stay in Manila and I just know my heart tells me to stay here and learn. Of course things take time to settle and everyone eventually finds their own way - one way or another. 

I have to say, since being back in Manila life has been a constant learning process for me where I really understand the value of friendship and family. It takes time to getting to know new people and over the 4 years I've spent exploring, I've also learn't a lot about Filipino culture for myself. Diba? Ano marunong mag tagalog... Haha but seriously, I understand a fair bit which has really helped me a long way thank god. It's funny though how friendships are established in the Philippines with one another and the chemistry the goes along with. Some people say it's fate, I also like to believe it's building rapport. Either way friendships are about favorable outcomes bound with respect for each others beliefs. I always feel a true gentleman are aware of these tactics and like Gordon Gekko says in Wall Street, "A fisherman always sees another fisherman in the distance". 

Since being back, I've become infatuated by photography again, since recently purchasing my new DLSR Camera, I've grown to love and experiment art of Photography again. It might sound weird to some people but yea f*ck, I like photography hehe. And since I'm always going to UP, my second home, it's natural for me to spend alone time there and enjoy the atmosphere. I have a feeling I might even consider pursuing photography there...

So when I went there recently after hanging out with my friend Frank (Magalona), I couldn't help but get some shots of my outfit wearing my new shirt from Limitless Philippines. I always dig the leopard prints and what I particularly liked about this tee is the length. I feel personally on my body wearing these shirts with skinny jeans help balance-out the entire look to not give too much of an edgy feel but also a simple and casual look. It's all just for fun anyways haha...

Lastly I just threw in the bucket hat from Creative Elite Operations (C.E.O.) - a dope brand from here in the Philippines which has made a name overseas in other south-east asian countries. I just picked it up the other day and I wanted to see what it was like wearing a bucket hat. They don't really suit me so much but I was bought into this particular design. I like the red but I'll just wear it with a simple black tee.