Sunday, 12 October 2014


Outfit: Cleeks Revolution tailored khaki shorts, slim fitted button down shirt from Memo Clothing, Navy/Tan Herschel Supply Co Survey Backpack (Available in Bratpack & The General Clothing Store, The Fort BHS Central), Sperry Topsider wrist watch Industrie Clothing desert boots and Topman socks

Not your everyday outfit when it comes to the daily Manila lifestyle, but I find that mixing and matching new and refreshing looks is a great way to change or for the better of words, entice your creativity with everyday fashion. It might not mean a lot to some people but, but these minor tweaks in personal style will always be a healthy routine to stay consistent with creativity on a daily basis. Just like how a body builder would work out - every so often they're constantly changing gym regimes to change their focus on a particular style of training so they're not focusing on the one body part.

I really like these new Cleeks shorts that I just recently tried on for the first time. Their quite comfy and unlike generic shorts that I've tried on in the past at clothing stores, these tend to be a better fit. I have wider hips to the regular measurements of the average body and believe it or not, these actually looked better on me than any other pair of shorts, due to the elasticity around the waist. The Memo button down is a great everyday option that looks presentable for tucked-in and tucked-out looks and they range at an affordable price.

Blue and Khaki are great colors if you're going to combine as well! Since this combination are both lighter contrasts, just keep in mind, it's much more effective wearing this style during the day as opposed to night time.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Outfit: Divided A$AP Rocky tee, Bathing Ape hoody-jacket (thrifted), sweat pants from Zara (Php 1,595 - on special), Oxygen Clothing backpack (Php  695) and HUF Philippines sneakers

Monday, 6 October 2014


How would you like to win a fresh new set of #KnitSocks for your next and upcoming adventures? Knit Socks is giving you the chance to score some of the latest merchandise from their sockwear collection... How's your sock wardrobe going? Think a few more styles of socks will help complete your outfit? If you think so, then here's the opportunity to get your hands on some new patterns and styles.

Are you ready to go beyond basic!?

I'll be giving away a total of 50 pairs of socks to 3 lucky winners who can give me the best sock selfie of their favorite pair of socks. 

1st Prize 25 pairs 
2nd Prize 15 pairs
3rd Prize 10 pairs

That's a lot of socks to keep your feet cosy for the next few weeks! If you have favorite pair with a story to share, then go for it!

Blog Mechanics

1) Take your most fancy sock-selfie with your favorite pair of socks and tell us a little about why they are you favorite socks

2) Follow @Knit_PH on Instagram

3) Upload your sock selfie of the day using hashtag #DailyKnit

And your done!

Contest Dates: October 8th - 14th... Winners will be drawn on the 15th via Instagram + Facebook

 Winners will be based on random selection. Feel free to be as creative as you can be and be sure to join and get amongst the fun! Can't wait to see your selfies!

Sunday, 5 October 2014


Outfit: Zara polkadot button-down (Php 1,295 sale price SS/13 - Alternative SS/14 ), Industie chino pants (Australia $39.95), Rocksmith Classic 5-panel (unknown - gift courtesy John James Uy), Converse All Star (Php 2,390), Pennyboard (courtesy Khai Van Kampen - Php 3,500)

As much as I appreciate different trends and styles, I feel the need to continuously refashion my style to try and stay creative. I'm also a sensitive person, so a lot of my fashion is also based on my mood. I like it that way, makes me feel as I'm apart of something, or somehow helps me express my current mood.

I choose to wear bright colors on a Monday because aside from being a public holiday today, I always want to fight against being unmotivated each Monday. Monday's are known to be dull, lack of inspiration and drained from a exception fun weekend. Well, I need to push through, keep moving otherwise I will bore myself and I will bore you.

Take in mind, bright colors are unorthodox to wear on a Monday - basically because you're expressing through fashion that you love Mondays when most people really don't understand that... If you choose to go against the grain and aspire to be different, just take in mind some simple tips and you'll be living life the right way... Be humble, be courteous and I think people will see the better in you. Some people may laugh, but don't worry, it just means you're doing it right... Just remember, it's always easy to think of the negative but it's much more interesting to be joyful.