Friday, 23 October 2015


Volkswagen have been a renowned automobile car brand delivering automobile excellence since 1937. A German manufacturer VW manufactures in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.  With over 61 production plants worldwide, VW stands as one of the largest automakers of the world.

I was given the opportunity to drive the Volkswagen Polo which is of VW's hatchback series designed for comfortability, connivence and economically friendly fit for anyone who's looking to get around the city worry-free. I thought it was a refreshing change coming from my big Toyota Hilux to a smaller, more sophisticated looking and much easier car to zip around from Point A, to Point B. It was fun to use the all the settings such as iPod & Bluetooth connectivity which was perfect for taking calls while driving without the distraction of picking up the phone (terrible habit haha). Central locking was easy to verify and the mirror adjustment was all nice and manoeuvrable with a simple joystick adjustment - very user friendly without having to do much manual adjusting. Perfect if you can't handle anymore stress from Manila traffic.

I really enjoyed taking photos of the car too, I found very photogenic with those crisp edges, making it look quite a beast for a hatchback vehicle. I gotta say like most hatchbacks, it's very efficient and again, economically friendly with fuel. I had been driving it non-stop and flooring, full pedal to the floor and it didn't even consume one bar of fuel the whole time I had the car, which was very surprising. 

Dressed up as usual, I had come from meetings along with picking a friend up from class and we decided to take some photos by the car before football practice. I found this car to be very versatile with my schedule fit for any go-getter looking making an impact on feeling good and ready to take on anything ahead of them. 

Outfit: Original Penguin weather resistant rain-jacket, Topman basic grey shirt, Cheap Monday skinny jeans and Sole Service MNL hightop boots 

Saturday, 26 September 2015


Outfit: Beige ZARA tailored fit pants, INDUSTRIE desert boots and H&M oversize tee and grey jacket.

Hey guy's how are ya, hope everyone's doing well again. Welcome to the great outdoors where you'll find just about anything and everything wildlife and nature in the one photo. It's amazing how beautiful the scenery is here where air is fresh and the skies are clear as crystal. The roads are endless where you'll find speed limits going up to 100 KM/S and very few people around. The complete opposite to a very dense Manila population.

In Australia, we like to dress well in a way that tailors our lifestyle and particular interests. For myself as it was cold on this fine day, I really found the need to somewhat layer up, purposefully where I found that my H&M jacket that I picked up from the Philippines had become perfectly please for this terrain. I figured these pants and shoes combination would work well due to the outdoor setting and mixing beige with grey had only seemed natural to couple up. A white tee to separate the strong tones makes it all so more casual and easy to wear without getting too much attention, but more so subtle appreciation and ideas for others to embrace. What do you think?

Thursday, 24 September 2015


Never thought that this opportunity would come where there'd be a chance to step foot inside the H&M Showroom. What an amazing experience it was to be able to set eyes on a new, refreshing view of Makati City from the 30th floor of the incredible Zuellig Building - one of Manila's very eye appealing commercial buildings of the Philippines.

Upon entering the showroom which was unbelievably clean and tidy, there stood Operations Manager and Marketing Director Dan Mejia & Nikki Verzo of H&M who gladly made the effort to show me around to showroom with a small tour of up and coming collections and further details of the materials and designs by H&M

For those unaware H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz, a Swedish multinational retail company in fashion with an operating income of $22.168 Billion (2013) with a total number of 132,000 employees worldwide. Philippines now one of the 200 and more operating stores worldwide. 

Being a big fan of H&M, believe it or not, H&M would be one my most liked commercial clothing brands over any other menswear brand that I've come across. Their clothes would have to be one of the easiest fit ready-to-wear pieces where one could go to any store without having to worry about incorrect sizing or other miscellaneous bits and bobs.

It would be really nice to have a pair of these and make something of this with other outfits. 

That's Dan & Nikki who take care of the more complex aspect of work when it comes to work. They didn't want to be in any photos so I had to get this cheeky candid photo of them where I was able to catch them laughing. Hope they didn't mind!

Here's some the of the pieces picked from the clothing racks that looked really nice and comfy. Most materials range different from design. As you can like this thick sweater in the picture above, it gonna be really nice to wear this to any up and coming of the country trips, or even maybe suitable for a nice movie date. Very Kanye kind of style. 

There's that view from the Zuellig Building. Just upon entering there was a helicopter that flew across on the same level as the building that looked really awesome. Would've been so nice to capture a panning shot as it looked like something out a of a movie scene.

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Get a load of the goods. SS Goods. An independent Filipino lifestyle wear, suitable for all seasons. In fact San Saison (French) stands for 'without season' representing a lifestyle brand made for any place, anytime.

As you can see I got the most of my outfit when I escaped out of town the other week to check out some new scenery. I really enjoy checking out the wildlife here in Australia, since there's mother natures touch everywhere around - after spending so much time in Manila, it has made me forget how beautiful the great outdoors really is. 

It's nice to see a brand that prides themselves, making garments and accessories with great attention to detail that a brand like this can provide functional essential garments to make any man look good at any situation. SS Goods reinterpret classics by adding subtle yet curious details to each piece.