Friday, 11 April 2014


Greater Good 5-Panel Caps - PHP 999. Available in Greater Good Stores MOA & SM North + Trilogy Boutique and newly open Complex Lifestyle Store

Bench Time watch - Quality watch with a clean and polished overall look, great to wear for both work and leisure.

Hawk Bags lifestyle sports bag - An ideal everyday shoulder-bag alternative. This bag features multiple inside pockets which can be really handy for separating your miscellaneous. This bag is also water resistant which is a big plus for this coming wet season phase. 

Outfit: Oxygen stripped button-down shirt - PHP 899 and sweatpants - PHP 1,100, Ornitsuka Tiger sneakers, Bench Time watch - PHP (refer to webpage), Hawk Bags black sports bag - PHP 1,249 and Greater Good 5-panel cap - PHP 999

Today I chose to go with the typical Hong Kong street style inspired look - Hipster asians into hip hop and alternative/experimental music that wear sweatpants and 5-Panel caps. Haha I love the look I gotta say, it's definitely my style that I'd go for... All I'm missing is a pair of New Balance sneakers (which I'm yet to acquire) and then I've completed the entire look. 

If it's one thing I love about experimenting with prints, it's finding the right balance without over excessing my entire outfit. Sometimes people can get too excessive with different prints ending up looking hella-wack and not uniform - for me, I'm not like that. I'm not exactly the attention seeking type when it comes to my personal style, although I love print-on-print top and bottoms. Outfits that you would see people wearing at night time, like at Cobrasnake parties. They're dope and so 'now' in the New York party seen that it looks awesome in photos. Check out this shot.

  (Images via. Cobrasnake)

Earl Sweatshirt from Odd Future wearing print on print. Trend setter.

Recently Oxygen Clothing have been releasing some really nice clothes and believe it or not they're affordable. Like the button up shirt I'm wearing, it only PHP 899! For this summer, Oxygen have turned up their game with a more urbanize look as opposed to they're older collections. Theirs no doubt about it that Oxygen are the 'go-to' for edgy trends; Black + White, Baseball tee's, printed board shorts and 5panel caps, I can already see the shift in trends drift towards that dope Supreme look. Well I hope they do because I'm definitely gonna wear their clothes.  

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Memo Fashion short sleeve shirts - PHP 1,199, Straightforward Clothing tailored shorts - PHP 549, HUF socks - PHP 695 and Converse All-star Chuck Taylors - PHP 1,299

Now that it's finally warmer and spring is in full swing, many will be glad to know that fashion this season is all about confidence and power. With looks ranging from bright prints, hawaiian tee's to luxe sportswear and singlets, why not embrace the summer vibes by showing some skin? 

Memo Fashion have release some awesome new styles which I've had the most fun blending with my own personal style. Their prints were a major surprise which threw me off upon checking out their collection. Printed leaves, flamboyant stripes are totally the way to go for this season and for upcoming parties which I'm looking forward to wear. I have to give it to Memo Fashion for their summer collection as they've totally stepped up their game this year in the Men's section. Not only are their new prints worth mentioning, but I love how well their clothes offer a snug fit - which is obviously a big deal worth taking into consideration upon purchasing any piece of clothing. 

Monday, 7 April 2014


Shoes from Dr. Martens, SS Goods 'Guerin' button-down shirt, Human Clothing khaki pants, Esquire Handbook of style novel.

It's amazing to see how beautiful and picturesque the Philippines can be perceived, especially here at UP Diliman. Since summer has already arrived, humidity is no stranger to us folks here in Metro Manila.... As I was on the way to a friends family birthday, I thought I'd mix and match different tones to keep things a little easygoing, opting for a more approachable look. Having experience now attending countless events, I'm slowly starting to enjoy the preparation in looking well groomed and tidy - a big YES to hygiene in the Philippines. I also like to keep a spare set of clothes in the car; since I'm from Quezon City, organization is key when journeying to Makati... We all have coat hangers use them in your car or invest in a coat hanger bag  where a versatile jacket and plain tee are essentially handy

Well recently I've been quite the fan of these Dr. Martens shoes that were given to me courtesy of Dr. Martens marketing and sales team (thank you). At the start I neglected to wear them seeing as I was getting blisters which was partly my fault, due to the lack of a better word 'lazy' to wear proper socks. Now ever since they've been worn in, I can't get enough of comfy they are! I also opted to wear my SS/Supply Goods shirt seeing as I heard that they're new collection is about to be released. They're patterns are always cool and attention to detail never fails. This shirt in particular is made from a more breathable material, which is why I thought would be perfect for the dinner function. 

You never know what to expect when going to events and meeting new people, so I prefer to play it safe. Gentleman's code.

Behind the scenes

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Last night wasn't the average Tuesday night where I'd be normally be at home or chillin' with friends. In fact it was a night full of surprises when I attended the the NESTEA Beach official launch for 2014. Who would've thought I could accomplish so much in one event. From LaBoracay themed pool party, to massages, to chill vibes on the sand in Metro Manila (haha) and of course, the beach party cocktails that made my night. Just a teaser for what NESTEA Beach has in stock for this coming Labor Day Weekend. 

The pre-party build up was already fun as it is. Just image what it's going to be like this coming Labor Day Weekend. As I sat beach chairs waiting for the event festivities to begin, I was also accompanied by close friends as we enjoyed the company and amazing food and ice-tea infused cocktails flowing throughout the night. 

I also got to catch up with Martha Sta. Barbara and my fellow blogger in crime Vern Enciso

Held at Antel's Best Western Hotel in Makati Ave, the pool party was all set! The water was so refreshing and cool which ended up being one of the highlights of the night due to the increase in humidty. It was so god damn hot! 

Two of my favorite cocktails that I was sloshing down throughout the night. The left ones was the Mojito and to the right was the Mango Bango, both mixed with Nestea. Sarap! 

Towards the end of the night, I was also one of the lucky prize winners drawn from the raffle to receive a new laptop case. I was very overwhelmed even though it wasn't a trip with Air Asia, it was a proud moment to have me name drawn from a bowl seeing as I never win anything haha.


Now on it's 17th run, this year the NESTEA Beach 2014 promises to be the biggest most refreshing summer happening to date as it hits the shores of Boracay this coming Labor Day Weekend. With a four-day celebration of Play, Party and Chill, Nestea will no doubt be bringing out the fun in everyone. Said to have the biggest YACHT CRUISE party in the island, to cap it all off among all activities, NESTEA Beach partners with Republiq to bring two of the hottest DJ's in the international music scene, Cedric Gervais and Steve Aoki as they shake the sands of Boracay in the hottest long-weekend celebration in the country.

On top of all the festivities already newly announced, NESTEA comes together to bring back the activities of summer which has made NESTEA Beach the full throttle experience it is today. This year the best of the best come together for the 17th NESTEA Beach Volleyball competition which has been said to be a grueling competition which was the highlight of last years activities. Summer activities like Paraw sailing, seaside massages and beachfront Frisbee games will also happen at the same time, with a chill station to be set up at the Crystal Sands in Station 1, Boracay. 

This is going to be one hell of a blast!