Friday, 25 July 2014


Outfit: Oxygen Clothing sweatpants, Wharton slim fit button down shirt, American Apparel runners jacket (thrifted), Hawkbag backpack Nike Roshe run runners 

Experimenting with different styles and trends is always a great way to stay creative and progressive, much like painting, creating music or cooking. I'm sure you're aware that fashion is also another form of art where one's creativity is expressed through articles of clothing.  I usually like to change my style based on the photographers that I work with too. All photographers have different styles and perspectives too, so when you're able to align with your photographer, it makes it easier to conceptualize ideas for shoots.

Today I wanted to try my new American Apparel jacket that I just so happened to have thrifted last weekend =).  I'm so happy because it's probably the second best piece of clothing I've been able to find here in Manila. Thrifting is such a fun and a rewarding experience if you're happy to go out of the way to visit the thrift stores. The stores I usually visit where I've been successful with grabbing a bargain (and treasure), are usually located around Quezon City, Kamuning and Cubao areas. Shirts are usually priced from 150-220 pesos, but of course can be discounted depending on how many shirts you buy. Thrift store owners don't necessarily know much about the brands they cater, so it all comes down to time and having the right eye so you can segregate what's worthy and what's not. 

Fashion, like art, helps to create you!  Be YOU!

Photos by Khai Van Kampen

Monday, 21 July 2014


Outfit: Blazer from UNIQLO Philippines, Ralph Lauren button-down shirt, tailored Zara pants, Hickok belt (available in SM Department store), Timex NATO strap watch, Topman neck-tie and Industrie desert boots. - Photography by Khai Van Kampen

I hope everyone is doing well and you all had a lovely weekend. Sorry for the delayed update over the previous weeks but things have been CRAZY busy!!  On top of all that, I was fortunate to make this years list for Mega Man Magazine's 2014 Men of Style - woohoo for me!!!.

I know I've announced it a fair bit throughout my social media accounts, but it is that important to me, that I keep repeating myself.  I would like to acknowledge my viewers (yes that means you!) and your support for what I do. This is a major achievement for me which gives me the encouragement and inspiration in my commitment to blogging. I'm really proud of my achievements which also comes from the ongoing support I receive from my viewers as well.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart - you guys ROCK!!

I've been doing Robbie Off Duty for 2 years now which started purely for the love of photography and documenting my outfits since living here in the Philippines. I'm now heading into my 3rd blogging, and I have a lot to be grateful for.  I'm still half-Filipino, still loving photography and outfits (of course) and now I have a love for blogging as well!

My humble beginnings however, started in the land down under - Australia where I was born, but I left for Manila and raised there until I was 2 years old.  I returned to Australia where I lived up until a few years ago when I decided to come back home, to live and work here in the Philippines and spend time with my family.  Even going into 3 years on, I still love it here!!

Here's a photo of myself and the rest of the gentlemen who were part of this this years 2014 list of Men of Style. (L-R) Angelo de Cartagena, Uri Singla, Will Hsu, Me, Nix Perinia, Simon Sandor and Suki Salvador.  - Photo by Karlo Torio

Anyway, more about my history later...back to the present...

Over the past weeks, I've been going to a few meetings for business and work related purposes. It's been quite an interesting week and believe it or not I'm looking forward to consulting my creative suggestions to help brands here in the Philippines. I believe the best way is by engaging with the current market. 

The great Jim Rohn once said 'One customer well taken care of, could be worth more than $10,000 worth of advertising.'

I believe that's so true and speaks for itself. One thing I learnt in Australia when I first started working 2 jobs at age 14, was it's not the employer that pays the wages - employers handle the money - however, it is the customer who pays the wages. 

Since attending these meetings, I thought it would be a great time to start dressing up a bit more and really play the part of a successful individual.  I love putting effort into my outfits and this is no exception.  First impressions count BIG TIME and I love that I take pride in how I look and what I want to achieve.  

Until next time...dress to success and believe in yourself!!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


I love these pictures where you get a sneak peak of peoples aspirations towards interior design. It allows you to personally visualize with your own imagination of you one day being in the picture and owning an apartment similar to this. It's also handy to be able to get ideas and see other peoples results, so you can put it towards your inspiration folders for your personal use. A simple home with natural colors is all it takes, the rest is up to you to decide. Check out these other home interior inspirations I've collated...

Friday, 11 July 2014


Outfit: Plain oversize grey shirt from Giordano Classics, Dirty Ice Cream oversize button down flannel shirt, Cheap Monday Skinny jeans, Pioneer Singapore SE-MJ711 Original Penguin bronze watch and New Balance 574

Every now and then it pays to mix up one's personal style. Life's always about finding the right balance, making sure every fine detail is in order and organized. For me personally, I find my balance in fashion through @DirtyIcecCreamPH. Dirty Ice Cream is a revival online clothing store conceptualized though myself with contribution of my friends John James Uy and Jess Yang. All clothes being sold online worn by me, are personally handpicked by me. So, if you do take the extra leap and do check out the Dirty Icecream store, don't just pay attention to the clothes I'm selling, check out how I wear it too so if there is a piece that you might like, you can also have an idea how it can be worn.

I've always been curious about revivalwear since being at school attending themed parties. Nobody likes to go out of their way to buy clothes for one occasion. So allowing myself to be exposed with revivalwear allows me to stay creative with fashion and learn to theme/mix up my style, tailored towards my lifestyle and it's interests. Never be afraid to mix it up ;)

Pioneer SE-MJ711 Dynamic Headphones
I was in contact with a particular audio visual company that went out of their way to send me headphones (3 kinds to be precise). Since then it's been a month since using the headphones, allowing myself to feel and appreciate and vibe of dynamic bass and clarity aside from me sticking to the normal iPhone headphones. I'd have to say with honesty that the MJ711 isn't my most favorable design compared to the MJ522, but the delivery of bass for everyday use does it's justice. I'll always favor and use my MJ522 headphone that were also tested because personally, nothing beats great sound with style.